Easter Big Talk! 26.03.18

Date: 26th Mar 2018 @ 10:27pm

Easter Big Talk

This week we are learning all about the sorrow and joy of the Easter Story and the children are developing their understanding of why we celebrate Easter. Please share the following image with your child and talk to them about what they can see.

Here are some questions you could share:

* What can you see?

* Where has this bunny come from? Has it hatched from the eggs? Why is it in the nest?

* What else can you spot in the nest? What might be inside? Which colours can you spot?

* What can you spot in the background?

* At what time of the year do we celebrate Easter?

* Can you think of or spot any signs of Spring or new life?

* Can you remember why we celebrate Easter? Why do we feel sadness on Good Friday? What happened on Easter Sunday?

Oscar S wrote:

I can see flowers, the Easter bunny and Easter eggs.

The bunny came from the eggs, it didn't hatch from the eggs, it was tiny then it growed. He's there to look after the eggs.


On spring, if it's spring it should of been Easter now.

Eggs, bunny, a nest and petals. Daisy's in our garden.

When those nasty people put Jesus on the cross he died. And he came back on Sunday.
We fell sadness because Jesus died.
We were all happy because Jesus is alive again.

Mrs Bramhall wrote:

Happy Easter Oscar

Mrs Fitzsimons wrote:

Wow Oscar! Excellent comments about Easter and Spring! Mrs Fitzsimons