Beans Big Talk 19.03.18

Date: 18th Mar 2018 @ 10:29pm

Bean Big Talk!

Last week we started reading the story, Jasper's Beanstalk. The children have planted their own beans and we are waiting very patiently to observe them over the next weeks to see what happens to them.

This week, our Big Talk image is a photo of some very unusual beans. Share the image with your child and talk about it together. Here are some questions you could share together:

* What can you see?

* What do they look like?

* What do they remind you of?

* Have you seen some of these before?

* What do we need to do with them?

* How can we make them grow?


We would love to hear and share your child's responses with the rest of the class, so please add your child's comments below.

Oscar S wrote:

* lots of beans, colourful ones.
* black, brown, orange, yellow, green and brown.
* for planting a beanstalk.
* at school, the white and the brown.
* plant them.
* dig, water, rake, spray, and eat

Stella McGovern wrote:

Zac said ‘ Mrs Fitzsimons said that you should be careful eating beans because they might get stuck and you might have to go to the obstacle’
‘My favourite bean is a kidney bean’
‘You have to be very patient if you want to grow beans ‘

Mrs Fitzsimons wrote:

Brilliant comments Zachary! I love kidney beans too! Mrs Fitzsimons

Mrs Fitzsimons wrote:

You are so observant Oscar! You're right, we have white sunflower seeds and brown broad bean seeds at school! Mrs Fitzsimons