Mission Statement, Values and Ethos

Sacred Heart Values


  • Witness - We are a community that promotes and lives the values of God through Jesus and His teaching. We recognise that each child is a unique gift from God, and that it is our privilege and responsibility to support their life journey.

  • Love & forgiveness - We are the human hearts through which God loves. We care about other people and their happiness, showing compassion and kindness to all. We are peace makers and show forgiveness just as Jesus teaches.

  • Respect - We nurture positive attitudes, respect for truth and the views of others, tackling issues of prejudice and injustice, ensuring the dignity of pupils and staff. We are fair and equal in treatment of others, establishing tolerant, co-operative behaviour.

  • Excellence - We provide a broad and balanced curriculum, allowing us to challenge and develop lively, enquiring minds that affect change, bettering the world around us. We aspire to be what God calls us to be.

  • Stewardship - We take responsibility for the needs of the world, to show care for our common home, to serve others and appreciate the beauty of God everywhere.

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