Penguin Big Talk 20.11.17

Date: 19th Nov 2017 @ 9:47pm

This week, we will be continuing to read our story, 'Monkey and Me' by Emily Gravett. In the story, a little girl takes her monkey toy to see some different animals. One of the animals is a penguin. Share the image below with your child. Talk about what you can see, what you think is happening, where this is. We have suggested some questions to share with your child below:

Image result for penguin and egg photo

What can you see?

What is the penguin doing?

What is he holding on his feet?


Where do you think the penguin is? How do you know?

How do penguins move? Can you move like a penguin?

Can penguins fly?

Can you think of another animal that lays eggs?

Oscar S wrote:

I can see an egg
It's eating the egg, I'm being a bit silly. He's looking after it
He lives on the ice, in the cold. Where the water and ice breaks.
*Oscar showed us his penguin impression*
No *penguins can't fly* they walk and swim, I seen it on Peppa pig.
A chicken berk berrrrrk. And ducks

Mrs Fitzsimons wrote:

Oh wow! We loved reading Oscar's ideas! Thank you! Mrs Fitzsimons

parenthayes wrote:

Said it was a penguin looking at an egg ,it's on the snow but penguins dont fly the walk and swim... ( and showed me her waddle) but the egg could be a chick like our chicks
Other things that lay are .. our chickens on our allotment

parentmcgovern wrote:

Zac told us/sang the story of ‘monkey and me’ and did his impressions of an elephant and a kangaroo.
He told us that the penguin can’t fly because daddy said so. Zac walked like a penguin telling us that the egg was hatching and there Was going to be a baby but not like his Olivia (cousin) but a baby penguin. Zac said he liked monkey and me.

Mrs Fitzsimons wrote:

Great ideas Tilly and Zac! We loved reading these and can't wait to share them with the rest of the Nursery! Mrs Fitzsimons

parentnewton wrote:

Max newton said he really enjoyed reading about the penguin, he said the penguin has laid a egg and it has a baby penguin inside, he said penguins walk and swim funny and he can walk like a penguin and make noises like one to, he said that the chickens at school lay eggs but they haven't been laying any eggs anymore

Mrs Fitzsimons wrote:

What lovely ideas Max! Thankfully, our chickens have started laying lots of eggs again!