SuperVeggies Big Talk 29.01.18

Date: 28th Jan 2018 @ 9:13pm

The children have loved learning all about keeping healthy and also reading our story, Supertato (by Sue Hendra)! This week, we are continuing with this fantastic book, so we thought we could add a SuperVeggie image as a Big Talk activity this week. Share the image below with your child and we have written a list of suggested questions you could discuss together:

  • Which fruit or vegetables can you spot?
  • Have you tried these foods before? Did you like them?
  • Which colours can you see?
  • Which is your favourite SuperVeggie? Why?
  • What makes a good superhero?
  • What super powers do you think these SuperVeggies have?

As always, we love discussing your child's ideas with the rest of the class, so please add your child's comments below!

Benjamin P wrote:

Ben loves this topic and is always talking about it.

parentnewton wrote:

Max loved learning about all the different fruits and veg and about healthy and unhealthy foods, max said he can see the sweetcorn and he liked sweetcorn and pineapple

Oscar S wrote:

* tomato, cucumber, who's that one? (Squash) super squash. Super sweetcorn
* super sweetcorn, it's yummy, I didn't eat tomato, (your favourite food is spaghetti and meatballs which is made with tomatoes) oh yeah
* red, yellow, green, yellow, oh orange, black and white and purple and pink and blue
* all of them, because I like them all. Because they are superheroes who save all the veggies from the evil pea
* saving everybody, flying and catching bad guys
* fly, strong muscles and turn in to shapes and different superheroes
* I'd have running as a super power

parentmcgovern wrote:

Zac said the super powers for Captain Butternut Squash are that he can squash things. Captain Tomato can make things cool because Daddy puts tomatoes in hot curry. Captain Corn on the Cob’s power is to never break because it’s hard to bite
Zac can’t believe the Marrow is not a water melon that’s been doing lots of running.

Mrs Fitzsimons wrote:

Wow!!! We're loving Benjamin, Max, Oscar and Zac's comments! Well done boys! They really have loved learning about keeping healthy. Thank you very much everybody!
Mrs Fitzsimons