Diwali Big Talk 11.11.16

Date: 13th Nov 2016 @ 7:38pm

(IMAGE SOURCE - http://www.heartbowsmakeup.com/)

This week we have been learning about the 5 day long Hindu celebration of Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights. The children have learnt about some of the Hindu tradional customs during Diwali - dressing in their best clothes, giving presents and sweets, visiting their family and friends, worshipping in the temple, decorating their houses, lighting diya lamps. They also learnt about how Hindus decorate the ground with rangoli patterns during this time.

Share the image with your child and ask each other these questions:

What is this? (a rangoli pattern)

What has it been made with? (coloured rice)

What can you see?

What colours can you spot? 

What else can you see in the pattern? (flowers, diya lamps with flames)

Why has this been made? What special time of year was this made? (during Diwali)

Who might have made this pattern? (Hindus)

We have also included 2 fantastic videos that we watched in Nursery of very talented people creating beautiful rangoli patterns with rice. It would be great for the children to watch these at home with you this week.