School Spider App

As a parent in our school you can login to our website by the  School Spider app. You can download the app for free from Google Play or Apple App Store by searching School Spider.  You will have received a hard copy Guide to accessing the App in the Welcome Pack.  There is a copy of the guide attached to this article.

Sacred Heart Logo (1)(1).png You  will be able to do the following in your parents’ area:

 Sacred Heart Logo (1)(1).png Receive smartphone messages (app only)

Sacred Heart Logo (1)(1).png Receive emails

Sacred Heart Logo (1)(1).png Each week you will receive a Newsletter from school

Sacred Heart Logo (1)(1).png  Book parent's evenings

Sacred Heart Logo (1)(1).png Complete online surveys and forms (these could include school trip/club bookings)

you will receive an email when there is something you need to complete, if you are logged into the app you will also receive notifications.

you can access recent news/gallery/blogs/calendar items we have posted on the website.

Please ensure once you have logged in you have notifications turned on.

Surveys additional infomation

Surveys can be used can be used to get Parents/Carers views on varied topics.  They can also be used to book certain sports events and there maybe a time or/and numbers limit, so if possible please respond to surveys as soon as you can.  If there is a time limit the survey will disappear when the time limit is reached.  This is the same if there is a numbers limit, the survey will diappear when the number is reached.

If school  needs you to complete a survey you will be sent an email to say a survey has been sent to you to complete.  You may also receive another email from a member of staff explaining in greater detail why we need you to complete.    There will not be a link in either email which will take you directly to the survey.  Surveys  can be accessed via the Parent Dashboard on the app on your phone.