School Governors

School Governors play an increasingly significant role in the running of schools. It is a huge privilege to serve the school, and play our part in ensuring the children at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary receive the education they deserve. School governing bodies are made up of volunteers who are responsible for working with the school to ensure that it delivers a good quality education. Individual governors bring a range of experience to the group, drawing on their own professional expertise and often their knowledge of the school as parents or as part of the local community.

Governors work closely with the head teacher, Mrs. Bramhall and the  senior leadership team, and focus on three core functions:

1. Setting the school’s strategic direction and priorities, and ensure all statutory duties are met.

2. Acting as a ‘critical friend,’ supporting the head teacher and holding her to account for the school’s day-to-day running.

3. Overseeing the school’s financial performance and ensure the budget is well spent.

Governors don’t get involved in the everyday operation of the school; that is in hands of Mrs. Bramhall and the Senior Leadership Team. Our role is mainly to help shape the strategic direction and priorities of the school, and help drive those priorities forward. We meet as a whole Governing Body several times a year. In addition to this, two sub-committees meet and each has a particular focus on different areas of school life:

1. Pupils and Standards

2. Finance and Resources

Much of the work is done in these committees, and each one will meet once or twice per term. In addition to these meetings, some of us also fulfil statutory roles which oversee different aspects of school life (e.g. Safeguarding, Health and Safety, and Special Educational Needs). The work of the Board of Governors helps ensure that staff can get on with doing what they do best – educating our pupils to a high standard but at the same time creating time, space and resources for your children to do the more fun things in life.

Governors Pecuniary Interests and Attendance Register

The Pecuniary Interests Register is a statutory requirement to be completed by all governors. This is also an standard item for the agenda for every governors meeting.

The Attendance register for governors, shows which governors attended each of the meetings in the specified academic year.  These will be updated every half term.