Early Help

Early Help refers to the offer of any information, advice or support to children, young people and their families as soon as possible in their lives or when issues emerge to help prevent problems from escalating. 

Listed below are some ways in which support is available in Manchester: 

*Mrs Fitzsimons runs the school's safeguarding team and can be contacted via the school office to discuss any concerns or worries you may have regarding your child. 

*Mrs Fitzsimons will complete referrals to outside agencies such as the Children's Services team, parenting courses, or our Manchester Advisor in order to support vulnerable children and families. 

*Mrs Fitzsimons works in partnership with families to complete an Early Help Assessment. This may involve working with a range of different organisations such as the council, health services etc, in order to create a package of support that meets the needs of the whole family. The assessment means everyone involved can make sure the support is working and making a difference. 

*Our Safeguarding team meet regularly to identify any children and families who would benefit from Early Help to allow them to access services in school and beyond to support identified vulnerable pupils.

Please click the link here to find out more information about Early Help in Manchester and also a leaflet about the Early Help Assessment for Parents

If you would like more information about the the type of support / agencies on offer, please use the link here to access the Early Help directory.