Our School Day

School Day

Breakfast Club opens at 8.00 am. Children are served a selection of healthy snacks to include cereals, yoghurt milk and juice.

Children are supervised in the playground from 8.45 am.

Please do not drop children off on their own in the playground before this time.


School starts at 8.50 am when the bell rings. Children will be expected to line up in their class groups.

School finishes at 3.25 pm

An after –school club runs until at 5.50 pm

For further information please contact school


We always begin our week with a 'Good News Assembly', which we encourage as many parents to attend and help us celebrate children's achievements as a school family. This is a perfect way to start our week. We always reflect on the weekends Gospel reading and think about how this can help us live our lives under Jesus' watchful guidance.

During this assembly each teacher reveals their 'Star of the Week', House Point Captains inform the school of who is at the top of the league, attendance and punctuality percentages are told and birthday children have the whole school sing to them (how special!!!)

Hymn Practice

Children take part in a weekly hymn practice. This helps us to prepare ourselves for any class or whole school masses taking place. Our children sing so beautifully!


On Thursday mornings, each class takes it in turn to present an assembly. These assemblies are fantastic to watch as children share their learning in song, drama and Gospel readings.