Faces Big Talk - week beginning 25.09.17

Date: 24th Sep 2017 @ 9:44pm

Big Talk - Faces

We do not set homework as such in Nursery, as we believe that it is important that families have plenty of time after school to be together, to read together and also to enjoy each other’s company! Each week we will send home, as part of the newsletter, a picture, photo or image for you to look at with your child. These photos have been sourced from Google Images and Pinterest and are usually linked in to the quality books we are reading each week! They are interesting and unusual images chosen to encourage, develop and increase children’s vocabulary and listening skills. There will also be some examples of questions you could ask. We would LOVE to hear your child’s responses on our Nursery blog page!

Image result for faces book

Our first image is the front cover of a book we are reading this week, Faces. We are learning all about our faces and how different and special we all are. We will be looking in the mirror, drawing self-portaits and making face collages with loose parts in our Finger Gym.

Share the image with your child and ask questions like:

What can you see?

Which features can you spot? Can you see the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, etc?

What have the authors used to make the eyes, nose, mouth, etc?

Which colours can you see?

Who does it look like? Why?

We would love to hear your child's responses (like "James thought this face looks like his grandpa because he has curly hair too" or "Ana said 'he's got a beard!'"). Don't forget to comment with the responses on our blog below!