Healthy Food Big Talk 16.01.18

Date: 16th Jan 2018 @ 7:32pm

Healthy Eating Big Talk!

This week the Nursery have been reading Supertato by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet. The baddy in the story, the Evil Pea, came to visit our Nursery on Monday morning and trapped lots of very unhealthy foods. Supertato and his veggie friends were very shocked! So were the children! We learnt about the foods he had trapped and how they contained lots of sugar and salt which are unhealthy foods. The children suggested that maybe this was why Evil Pea was so mean - his diet was very unhealthy and it was making his body sad!

We learnt some different ways we can keep our bodies healthy (your Nursery child might already have told you some of these things!):

* eating a healthy, balanced diet (plenty of fruit and vegetables!)

* keeping our bodies clean (brushing our teeth, washing our hands, having a bath / shower)

* drinking plenty of water

* getting plenty of exercise

* getting plenty of sleep

* keeping happy - happy, healthy minds!

It is of no surprise then, that this week's Big Talk image is linked to healthy foods. Share the picture below with your child.

Here are some questions you could discuss with your child:

* Which foods can you see? Which colours and shapes can you spot?

* Which foods are healthy? Unhealthy?

* Which foods do you like to eat?

* Why are some of these foods unhealthy?

* What might happen if you eat too many of them?

* Which healthy foods are your favourite?

* Can you think of other ways we can keep our bodies healthy?


We loved reading Oscar's feedback last week! Please post your child's comments below!