Odd Egg Big Talk 05.02.18

Date: 4th Feb 2018 @ 10:39pm

The Odd Egg!

Last week, 10 very special visitors arrived in our classroom - some eggs! We have been looking after them in their incubator, observing them, checking them and counting them to make sure they are looked after and safe. There was a lot of pecking on Wednesday during the day, and we could see a couple of the chicks were starting to hatch. Then, on Wednesday after school, our first two chicks emerged from their shells!!! On Thursday morning, the children were delighted to meet our Nursery chicks. This week, our Big Talk image is of some very peculiar eggs (we have been reading The Odd Egg by Emily Gravett and learning about the types of animals that lay eggs too). Share the image with your child and talk about what you all see, think and feel. We have written some questions below that you could ask.

* What can you see?

* Which colours can you spot?

* What do you think is growing inside?

* What do you think will happen next?