Dear Parents and Carers,

This week the children have been focusing on the promises and sacrifices that they will make during Lent
and how we use Jesus’ time in the desert when he fasted for 40 days and 40 nights as our inspiration. Each
child has made a Lenten promise and has explored how these promises and sacrifices will help bring them
closer to God. We have also been exploring the three pillars of Lent - Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving. This
newsletter will share details of the kinds of activities that the Sacred heart will be undertaking which will
help us all throughout our Lenten journey to move closer to God.

Year of Prayer:
In preparation for the 2025 Jubilee Year 'Pilgrims of Hope', 2024 has been designated a Year of Prayer by
Pope Francis. The Gospel is a message of Joy, so we should be eager to share with others, and this can be
done especially by inviting people to a deeper, prayerful encounter with Jesus Christ this year. Through this
season of Lent there will be a focus on the importance of prayer in school. We are asking families to find
time to pray together with your children, a simple prayer before bedtime and in the morning.
In school the junior children have been learning the Apostles creed. The word ‘creed’ comes from the Latin
word credo, meaning ‘I believe and trust’. The Apostles’ Creed is therefore a summary of what the Church
teaches, and of what Christians together believe, rather than a detailed statement of individual and personal
belief. Saying the Creed binds Christians together as a believing community, across different traditions and
practices. As we say the Creed, we join Christians past and present, and from all over the world, in
proclaiming our common faith.

Prayer Relay:
A Prayer Relay will be taking place between the schools in our Wythenshawe Catholic cluster and it involves
the children in year 4 across all the Catholic primary schools visiting each other to deliver a service of prayer
with a particular focus on the Stations of the Cross.
This morning the children of St Aidan's visited our school to deliver their service of prayer to start the relay.
The children then met with each other and shared some biscuits and enjoyed a drink of juice with their new
Next week, Friday 1st March, it will be Sacred Heart's turn and we will be taking the Prayer Relay to St
Peter's where the children will deliver their own service of prayer.

Lent Class Masses
Children from across the junior classes will be attending Mass each Friday through Lent. The year 6 class had
the opportunity to celebrate Mass. Father Owen spoke to the children about accepting the mistakes we
make and try to make a change for the better without blaming others for our shortfalls. Next Friday our Year
5 class will attend mass at 9:30am in Sacred Heart Church.

During Lent we will be encouraging the children to think of different ways to raise money for charity, each
class will run a fundraising activity to support local charities and good causes.
We are holding our own clothes day on Friday 15th March to raise money for the Guide Dogs Charity
( a worthy cause given the good work that they do in the community to help
those in need. We will share further details of the fundraising activities that the children will get involved in
subsequent newsletters.
World Book Day
World book day will be celebrated this year on Thursday 7th March. On this day we would like to do a school
book swap. We would like every child to bring in a book from home that they would be happy to swap with a
friend. Children can bring in their book from Monday 26th February so our reading ambassadors can sort
them into year groups.
We would also like to celebrate world book day as a special slumber party day. Children can come into
school wearing their pyjamas or any clothing they feel most comfortable in!

Parents Evening:
Just a reminder, this will take place after school on Wednesday 20th March, as an online meeting. Further
information will be sent home early next week.

Debate Mate:
Some of our Year 5 and 6 Debate Mate members
attended a competition before half term, whereby
they competed with other primary schools in
Manchester. All pupils who attended took part in
two debates, arguing for and against the motions
'This house believes children should elect their head
teacher' and 'This house believes violent video
games should be banned'. Sacred Heart won an
amazing three out of four debates. Well done to
those who took part, you have done our school
proud! The team will continue to compete in the
Urban Debate league on Tuesday. They are
currently in 1st place for Manchester and in 4th
place nationally after the first round of debates.

The average attendance for the whole school last week was 96.6%. Well done to the Year 5 for a perfect
100% this week.

Kind regards,

Mrs Bramhall,
Head teacher